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Welcome to My Walk4FriendshipLA Fundraising Page

Jessica Kianmahd

Today you have a chance to help raise awareness and support for individuals with special needs. Be a part of our circle, Live, Love & Give to our special community and donate today.

I’m grateful for the life-changing impact Friendship Circle has had on my life, including the instigator for me entering the field of Genetics and working with families of children with special needs. I started volunteering with FCLA in high school and am now serving on their Board of Directors; I deeply believe in their mission and I hope you will join me in supporting them. I have experienced the difference we can make in the life of a child who is often isolated and without real friends.

Thank you for your support!
Jessica Kianmahd


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1. DEDorin Esfahani
Proud of you!
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4. SKSusan Kianmahd
We are so happy to be supporting Friendship Circle of Los Angeles! We are thankful for the work of everyone involved, especially Rabbi Michy, Miriam and Gail Rollman.
5. CSChanel Suares