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Thanks for stopping by our Team page. We hope you'll take a minute to learn about the incredible organizations we're walking for. We really appreciate your generous support! Together we will #MakeDreamsComeTrue ~ Team Zingorio

Tina Osorio
  • DZDavid Zingmond
  • RZRafael Zingorio
  • EZEmanuel Zingorio
  • GZGavriel Zingorio
  • MOMaria Osorio
  • JLJonas Lamb
Maria Osorio
  • JLJonas Azriel Lamb
  • CLChris Lamb


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1. SBStacie Bresler-Reinstein
Good Maria and family!
2. AIAndrea Isais
3. DRDavid Robinson
Thank you for raising money for such a worthy cause!
4. EOErnestina Osorio
¡Gracias por toda la ayuda a nuestra familia!
5. JJJanet Johnston
Great cause
6. Maria Osorio