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Aviva's Fundraising Page

Aviva F

Aviva’s Fundraising Page

Hi, my name is Aviva, and I am fundraising to help raise money for Friendship Circle LA, a nonprofit organization that provides a community to kids with special needs.

I’ve been volunteering at Friendship Circle Summer Camp for the past three years, and I always have an amazing time hanging out with the kids. Every buddy that I have been paired with has been a delight to hang out with, and I wouldn’t trade my time with them for anything. I love seeing their faces when the bubble machine comes out. I love hearing their laughs while they’re splashing water at the waterpark, and I love watching them step out of their comfort zones and try the ropes course for the first time. The community at FCLA is wonderful, and the bonds that I have created there are truly amazing.

I really hope that you can see the difference that Friendship Circle has made on not only the kids, but also their families and the volunteers. You can be part of this difference-making by donating to my fundraising page and by sharing it with family and friends.


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