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Welcome to My Walk4FriendshipLA Fundraising Page

Fred Zomorodi

Today you have a chance to help raise awareness and support for individuals with special needs. Be a part of our circle, Live, Love & Give to our special community and donate today.

Thank you for your support!
Fred Zomorodi


raised of $1,250 goal

Recent Donations

1. NRNimtadj Rafailzadeh
Thank you for all you are doing
2. SZShideh Zarrabian
Thank you for all that you do for these children.
3. KVKenneth T. Vahedi
Best wishes
4. FBFarzad Bibayan
I admire you for having been a light to our community othroughout your life. may Hashem strengthen you in your undertakings.
5. MBMorris Benjamin
6. skSherry Kerendian
Wish you all success today and always.