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Raizy Klein

Raizy klein

hey!! my name is Raizy Klein and I volunteer at friendship circle, I have been volunteering since longer then I can remember, the reason I started volunteering is because I have a brother with autism who attended the programs at friendship circle and my mom started teaching there, I remember heading to Hebrew school with my mom and just tagging along as something to entertain my sundays, as I got older and started getting more involved I realized the impact it gives to all these children/adults who attend friendship circles programs, whether it's a holiday program which isn't too often or every Sunday at Hebrew school, one day at friendship circle can impact an individual with special needs for the rest of their life, I see it myself, when my brother gets to friendship circle I see him shine and I see him thrive, it's always made sure he feels included and welcome and it's so important that he gets that, friendship circle does so much for my family, even for me as I am a volunteer now, you can learn so much being a volunteer at friendship circle, anyone can do it even you!!! How can you make a difference!?


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