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Welcome to My Walk4FriendshipLA Fundraising Page

Liba Kramer

Dearest friends and family!

As you know, I have been working for Friendship Circle for the last three years. Friendship Circle brings so much joy and meaning to my life, to the lives of the amazing volunteers I work with, and of course, to the children and adults that join our programs and events.

Today you have a chance to help raise awareness and support for individuals with special needs.
Be a part of our circle.
Live, Love & Give to our special community.
Donate today!

I thank you for your support,


raised of $500 goal

Recent Donations

1. MSMendel & Sossia
Go Liba, the Best in the West!!
2. SKShmuel & Sara Kramer
We love you, Liba!
3. ANAmanda Newstead
Keep up the amazing work
4. MTMiriam Teller
so proud of you Liba!!
5. MSMaya Spinrad
6. SKSholom K
Keep up your great work!

Team Sunday Circle Rocks